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Software development

Software development starts with choosing the suitable hardware

Our electronic systems are realized by using controllers made by IFM.

For each project we customize an own development enviroment, aligned to its soecial requirements.

By using special simulating and testing environments during the development of our systems, the electric and hydraulic functions obtains series maturity at the desk.

System solutions

Our team for cabinet construction implements the fully developed systems.

All pre-assembled units were tested completly before delivery.

Only the mechanic and electric components must be combined by us or the customer

Used peripheral devices

Concerning peripheral devices, we rely on a solid base of components and their suppliers, such as Sauer-Danfoss, Wachendorff, IFM and RM Michaelides.

Our systems can be equipped with radio-control or Bluetooth-modules for remote control and/or a modem for remote maintenance. Also a GPS module can be used for logging operation data and locating.

Joysticks in standard and special design

Joysticks are already configured to the related projects and equipped with all necessary adapters, so that the customer can implement very easy.

For special requirements, we also offer to modify the hardware of the joysticks.

Cable manufacturing

 In our cable manufacturin department, we produce cable in single and special design, as well as in small and large series.

The cables and connections are well dimensioned in their electric and mechanic specifications for their respective application.

We also manufacture cables and cable harnesses on customer request.

After a careful quality check, the cable harnesses are safe for installation and commissioning

Development of circuit diagrams and layouts

The development of circuit diagrams and layouts for circuit boards is realized on our modern CAD workstations.

The external produced boards are assembled in our soldering department.

After programming the logic blocks and the final quality check, the boards can be installed by our team or the customer himself.

Your advantage: One supplier, who delivers all components.

Other components

Modules to regulate temperature and humidity, e.g. in a green house or an incubator

Medical devices for the following applications:

  • stimulation current therapy
  • ionophoresis
  • detector for acupuncture points

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