Electronic components, plant engineering and software development


Individual production of switch cabinets and control solutions for mobile and stationary use

Grumbach incubators

Cable assembly for individual, special and small series

Switch cabinet construction

Our control cabinet construction team implements the finished system solutions. 

The plants are completely finished and tested ready for operation  

On the machine only the electrical and mechanical components have to be connected to each other. and put into operation.

  • Fire brigade control cabinets with and without insulation monitoring according to DIN 14686
  • Individual special solutions
  • Control cabinets for various controllers
Special production of switch cabinets

Grumbach incubators

devices with individual equipment and housing size.

From modular temperature and humidity regulation, as well as application according to choice and selection of control electronics, to the possibility of remote monitoring and evaluation of an incubation process.

With our assembly system you have the freedom of the optimal adjustment, according to your requirements and desires.

Flexible assemblies

Cable assembly

Cables and connection components are optimal with regard to their electrical and mechanical requirements dimensioned.

After a careful quality control, the cable harnesses are reliably tested for Assembly and commissioning.

Of course we do not only manufacture cable harnesses for our own systems, but also cable harnesses. on customer request.

Cable harnesses on customer request


When implementing peripheral devices we rely on a solid basis of components and their suppliers: Displays from the companies Wachendorff; IFM, Danfoss; RM Michaelides are in use. Joysticks and Sensors from established manufacturers. Wireless or Bluetooth modules for wireless control. Modems for remote maintenance. GPS for location determination, or production data acquisition.


Wide range of industrial displays for displaying sensor and command data.

Miscellaneous dimensions and designs with optional touch controller and protection standards such as IP65.

Long life and brightness levels up to 1000Nits.

Displays for mobile and in-house use


For our customers, we supply joysticks in standard and special design for their electronic systems  

The joysticks are equipped with the necessary adapters in our company for the corresponding projects. and pre-configured so that they can be installed directly by our customers.

For special requirements we also modify the hardware of the joysticks.

Individual left/right hand joysticks


Wide range of interfaces such as: Products for CAN and TCP/IP data for wireless connection and modules for GPS positioning.

wifi bluetooth
Wide range of interfaces

Software development

Software development starts with the selection of the hardware.
For our electronic systems we realize controls of the companies IFM, Danfoss and Sensortechnik Wiedemann.
According to the requirements we set the project on a selected processor type and an appropriate platform.
With the help of a development environment for the simulation of the electrical and hydraulic system, the project achieves ready for series production at your desk.
Extended control of controls and boards is also possible via specially designed Android apps.

Mobile controllers

Powerful and robust controllers. with
A wide range of configuration options enables it to be used in a wide variety of applications.

Application examples

  • Control of the complete working hydraulics of a mobile working machine
  • Electronic-hydraulic steering systems
  • hydrostatic traction drive controls with antilock braking system (ABS) and traction control system (ASR)
  • Gearbox control
  • Inclination and level control
Mobile controllers


We can fall back on a broad spectrum due to the practice-oriented programming and development of various microcontroller based boards.

The developments include:

  • Breeding device controls
  • keyboard fields for the medical area
  • I/O Boards with CAN control
  • Potential search device for acupuncture devices

Comprehensive protection devices such as safety thermostats and various sensors



In addition to controls and boards, customer specific apps can also be realized.
These can then be used for control or monitoring

Schaltpläne & Platinenlayout
CAD and board layout

Circuit diagrams & board layouts

We carry out the development of circuit diagrams and layouts for circuit boards of electronic devices ourselves at our CAD workstations by.

The externally produced boards are finished in our soldering machine after assembly.
After Programming of the logic components and quality control can be built into the boards by us or the customer. and put into operation.

The great advantage for our customers is that they get everything from one source. gets.